I tagged along to neighboring Sierra Leone with my cousin Danielle on this episode, which lead to an awesome weekend getaway! Sierra Leone & Liberia have always had commonalities, civil wars lasting for over a decade (Liberians fled to Sierra Leone violence continued in both countries with rebel factions from both collaborating).

Along my journey of life I met an amazing woman who mentored me and also became like a sister to me. Hadiatu Dumbuya, a Sierra Leone native, who also lived in Michigan was an immediate friendship match in heaven. She is the ying to my yang, her extremely positive, fun-loving attitude paired with my cynical, blunt nature is a cause for comedy. We grew to call each other “African Connection”, which made me want to visit her homeland even more

Check out the beautiful nation of SIERRA LEONE! (Sidenote: had to rep for DETROIT with the instrumental)

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