On this episode of Philimena.com I take you inside the Liberian cultural dance scene! “Music and dance are an integral part of village life in Liberia. The people dance and sing for the departed souls of the dead, at celebrations and weddings, on behalf of important visitors, and just for fun. Liberian dances are often noted for the energy and passion displayed by the dancers. As with most African dance forms, Liberian dances often reference not just the physical, but the spiritual as well. These dances are a way to preserve and transmit important stories and traditions.” (worldartwest.org)

I had an amazing time with this extraordinary group who taught me some moves and made me feel so welcome (even with my lack of rhythm LOL) If you LIKE this video make sure to LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE!




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  • #fbf braving the Liberian raining season elements while trying to give face.. #liberiangirl #philimena #liberia #browngirlblogger #africangirlskillingit 🇱🇷🇱🇷
  • Want to see more from these talented Liberian artists? Click the link in the bio! On this episode I sit down with a few very talented artists here in Liberia, many of you have been asking to get an inside look. In this episode I get down to the challenges, stigmas, and more! We all have heard the term the "starving artist" but what does that mean for an artist in a nation that is starving in so many ways. 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷#liberia #artists #africanpainter #africanartists #abstractart #realism
  • On tomorrow’s episode of Philimena.com we feature the extremely talented artists of Liberia! These young men have quite the story to tell and AMAZING art pieces to show! Make sure you tune in it’s going to be a good one! 🇱🇷🎨👨🏾‍🎨 #liberia #artists #painters #philimena #westafrica #abstract #realism #africanpainter #africanartist
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  • I can’t believe campaign is OVER! This has been an amazing journey full of a crazy range of emotions, running a campaign is NO JOKE! I have to shoutout my loves @bureyy @miss_urey @danielleashleee collectively we have all worked so hard on this campaign...we’ve cussed each other, celebrated our victories, supported our Standard Bearer to the fullest and there are no other people I would have wanted to do this with! Love you all! 🇱🇷 #liberia #elections2017 #ureyduopu2017 #alp #october10th
  • #fbf to filming “Real Talk With Philimena” in my @detroitvseverybodyllc tee! I miss the city so much! #detroitgirl #313 #philimena
  • In the latest edition of “Real Talk With Philimena” I give some insight on things to consider when moving to Liberia! In this clip I name a few of the electronics I’ve blown up plugging in 110v electronics into 220v sockets LOL! Check out the full video link in the bio! #liberia #philimena #westafricangirl