My girl @yagazieemezi did a shoot for @refinery29 about real Liberian women and body image on the beautiful beaches of Liberia 📸 #liberia #liberiangirl#takebackthebeach

Royda, 30 “I am a 5’1” and a half, curvy, thicker woman, and when I add five pounds, it may look like 10. In African culture, as soon as you gain a little weight, people tend to say, ‘Oh, you’re getting fat,’ which they think is a compliment. You’re getting healthier. But it becomes a subconscious thing for me that I’m gaining weight. “The best thing someone has said about my body, which is actually kind of weird… as I’m aging more, coming more into my ’30-year-old body,’ as my mother likes to call it, I hear a lot of people saying, ‘You look like you’re a mother,’ or ‘You’re ready to have kids,’ which is an odd thing to say, but also an honor. I think one of the greatest things in life is to be a mother and to have children. I don’t know what a body that looks like a mother looks like, but I’ll take that one.” #africangirlskillingit


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