This past Valentine’s Day Philimena.com teamed up with The Spa By Royal Grand Hotel here in Monrovia and their “Loads Of Love Campaign” to bring smiles to the children of Hope For The Nations, Hope Village Liberia, in Ganta, Liberia! We packed up a mobile spa and hit the road three hours from the capital!

When I told some of the initiative I was met with some speculation, “do THOSE kids need a spa day?”. Which I totally understood. But after viewing this episode you will see why experiences like this are needed an awesome! The Spa By RGH donated their time, supplies, provided lunch, as well as leaving donations with the orphanage, the director Ruth Zansi said to me “We’ve never had any thing like this here and its wonderful!’. I see in many cases of orphaned children a round the world their burdens can take on the weight of an adult and sometimes kids just need to be KIDS!

But now I am calling everyone to action if you are moved by this video and want to help the children of Hope Village Liberia visit their GoFund Me page here: gf.me/u/g3hpkr

Also if you are interested in sponsoring an orphan please email me at royda@philimena.com. The orphans at Hope Village stay for 3-6 months you can help give a child better healthcare, nourishment, living essentials and more!

*Philimena.com was granted permission by directors to film children.*

*The hair dye WAS NOT PERMANENT*

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  • So remember when I spent Valentineโ€™s Day at an orphanage? You can now check out the entire day and learn more about Hope Village Liberia by CLICKING THE LINK IN MY BIO NOW!! There is also information on how you can help these beautiful babies! Major THANK YOU to @the_spa_by_rgh for teaming up with us for this special day! And thank you @philpleiwon for your vision and love for the children of Nimba! ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ท @liberian_stars_views @libpositives @liberianskilling_it @liberianentertainmentawards @chichipolyroom @thekfactorliberia Letโ€™s share and help the children of Hope Village! #liberia #ganta#nimbacounty #loadsoflove #giveback #orphanage #westafrica #adoption