I know subscribers love seeing young black entrepreneurs thrive, I’ve partnered with an amazing company! West Africa Shop is a shipping & logistics company that seamlessly delivers your favorites from abroad right to your doorstep!

Although the company is operating in Liberia now, there are plans to expand within the region. This type of service creates a solution that many who are considering the move to the continent, who worry about not being to have access to certain products you are used to.

Kudos to the team! I am personally SUPER excited about getting all my favorites here in Liberia at an affordable price with excellent customer service! Check my stories for my first time receiving my package here in Liberia! Stay tuned for some Philimena specials, and if you watch the video ALL the way the light you may find a special treat! Visit their website at www.westafricashop.com for more information and get your order on!