Royda “Philimena“ Urey a Liberian native, Detroit transplant recently made a big decision to return to Liberia after living in the United States as a “refugee” for 26 years. Her decision to finally take the plunge came when her uncle Liberian businessman Benoni Urey began his bid for the Liberian presidency in 2017, where she served as the Lead Coordinator of Campaign Events. “Philimena” is on a mission to change the narrative on Liberia from a war/Ebola stricken country to a place with a lot of opportunity and growth, and its natural pure beauty! She does this all through a popular vlog that showcases a variety of topics on Liberia and her travels to other African countries. This site and channel can boast to have over 600,000 views, 13,000 subscribers and growing. In addition to, in 2018 Royda along with her partner, founded The Vantage Group, a growth strategy firm where she serves as the Head Of Creative Development. This group deals with many Liberian and international businesses on development, branding, investments, project management, and marketing. Royda “Philimena” Urey has pledged her life to enriching her homeland of Liberia on through various aspects, with the hope of building a better Liberia for future generations to come!