Over the last 8 months there have been almost 1000 rapes in Liberia, many of the rapist going free and victims not receiving justice! The incident that prompted the start of the protest was a 3 year old girl was raped and the assailant used a razor blade to slit her vagina.

Recently a group of young Liberians came together to plan the “End Rape In Liberia” protest, a three-day event to demand justice and classify rape as a national emergency. The protest was met with some controversy at times but nonetheless the group made an impact!

Since the protest ended last week another 3 year old girl has been raped by a 25 year old man who is now in custody. The organizers are currently raising funds to assist the latest victim, information will be provided below for donations. The organizers have also made a statement that if their demands aren’t met they will take to the streets again in 3 weeks.